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Work Site Wellness Programs

Incorporating Wellness Programs in the workplace is investing in the employees, the most important

resources in an organization. Workplace Wellness has numerous valuable benefits including:

  • Improved overall employee health which results in decreased
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved employee morale

In addition, your company will most likely attract the most superior staff and your best employees will remain and become more appreciative.

If any one of these is your company goal, Peachy Seiden, MS, RDN can help, through a variety of strategies.

QI GONG (pronounced 'Chee gong') GROUP CLASSES

Qi Gong means learning how to control the flow of qi to improve the health and harmony of both mind and body. It is a wholistic system of meditative exercise which is practiced for balance, relaxation, self healing or a way to improve health and prevent disease. It involves self massage, breathing techniques, healing postures and meditation.

If practiced regularly, employees feel less stressed, have a clear and calm mind. have more self confidence and self control, maintain better health and improve productivity.

Peachy will come and teach Qi Gong weekly for 1 hour, before work begins in the morning or during lunch hour.


Yoga offers many health benefits some of which are: increased strength and flexibility, improved concentration, it relieves stress and helps with weight loss.

To obtain full benefits, Yoga postures (asanas) should be practiced at least once a week.

Peachy will teach yoga at your work site on your day and choice of time.


Once a month Peachy will address a pertinent Nutrition and Wellness topic to help encourage your employees embrace a healthy lifestyle.


We will prepare a healthy lunch plus provide a 60 minute presentation on various helpful nutrition topics.


Healthier Life Diet: What's Your Health Quotient?

Take control of your health! Lifestyle improvement and cooking and choosing healthful foods for health promotion and disease prevention

Weight loss and Maintaining

Tips for the person on the go, eating out; Diet myths, intuitive eating, hormones and weight gain; Setting realistic goals; Dealing with cravings

Understanding Food Labels

Understand nutrient claims, nutrition facts and mysterious ingredients

Vitamins and Minerals

Choosing vitamin-rich foods, which ones have more; Is supplementation needed?

Grocery Shopping

Organic foods, processed versus whole foods; Ideal breakfast, healthful lunch and beverages; Energy bars, best snacks; Choosing the right oils; The health benefits of herbs; Facts about fish and tips for cooking fish; Guiltless meats and desirable desserts

Nutrition for a Healthy Heart

Guidelines for heart disease prevention; Saturated fat, triglycerides, cholesterol and omega-3 fats; Decreasing saturated fat intake, increasing healthful essential fats and improving cholesterol levels; Preventing and dealing with high blood pressure.

Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2 ( and Reversal )

You will understand the steps in preventing and reversing metabolic syndrome and through a healthy lifestyle change.

Nutrition and your Healthy Brain

Nutritional guidelines and natural supplementation for depression, anxiety, ADHD, ADD and dementia prevention.

How to Strengthen & Boost Your Metabolism

Create balance within and revitalize every organ and each and every cell of your body with proper nutrition, clean and wholesome foods. Peachy will clarify the various food myths and what you should really eat for a strong immune system.

Fiber and Your Health

Fiber facts and confusion: Soluble VS Insoluble fiber, understanding whole grains and their benefits

and Longevity Diet

Understanding antioxidants and free radicals; Super foods, anti inflammatory and anti bacterial foods

Food as Medicine

Understand how nutrients in food enable our cells to function properly; and how the absence of nutrients impacts its performance leading to health decline.

Many more....


Peachy will show the ease and simplicity of preparing healthy and delicious meals. 


Peachy will conduct Group weight-loss seminars while monitoring attendees weights and helping them reach their desired weight goal.



In order to improve health and present diseases, one must eat right. It helps to know how to cook healthfully if one desires to stay on the right track toward health. Peachy Seiden, conducts weekly cooking classes at Peachy's Health Smart Cooking School. Providing each of your employees with a Healthy Cooking Class Pass, you will continue to promote wellness and disease prevention among your employees. Your employees can come weekly or monthly to any of the Saturday classes until the 12 passes are used within a year.

The more classes purchased, the less each class cost

One, 12 Class Pass =$270 discounted to $22.50/class

Five, 12 Class Passes =$480 discounted to $20/class

Ten, 12 Class Passes = $1800 discounted to $15/class

20, 12 Class Passes = $2400 discounted to $10/class

40, 12 Class Passes = $4320 discounted to $9/class

Please contact Peachy by e mail: [email protected]