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The main goal of nutrition counseling is to educate our clients on foods and nutrition and to help them develop and maintain health-awareness as well as health related behaviors and skills for independent and competent self-care.

The client will be assisted in setting individual and realistic goals. Information is provided to help them incorporate good nutrition practices into their lifestyle and to eventually eliminate or control the specific health concern.

Topics of Nutrition Counseling includes:

  1. Weight control and Weight management
  2. Auto Immune Disease: Celiac, Rheumatoid Arthritis, MS, Graves, Thyroid disease
  3. Fitness, Exercise and Stress connection
  4. Immune Support
  5. Type 2 Diabetes
  6. Nutritional implications in Diseases:Diabetes
  7. Cardiovascular and Heart Disease
  8. Liver and Kidney disease
  9. Hypertension
  10. Gastrointestinal Conditions
  11. Fibromyalgia, PCOS, Chronic Fatigue
  12. Insulin Resistance
  13. Nutritional Supplementation
  14. Vitamin and Antioxidant Therapy

For Fees: Please consult with Peachy Seiden, call: 513-315-3943 or

send an email to : [email protected]

All major credit cards accepted, sorry we do not accept Third Party Reimbursements

6 Session Nutrition Counseling


About Peachy

PEACHY SEIDEN is a Licensed and Registered Dietitian with a Private Nutrition Consulting Practice. She counsels clients on weight loss and weight maintenance, health and nutrition and disease prevention. Peachy is a speaker on wellness and health promotion. She provides nutrition seminars and Lunch & Learn presentations for community events and business organizations.

She also conducts weekly Healthy Cooking With an Ethnic Flair, through Communiversity, UC-Cincinnati’s Adult Education Program.

In the spring and summer months Peachy utilizes neighborhood Farmers’ markets and teaches From Farm to Table Cuisine.

During her career, Peachy has worked in management and clinical positions in various health care settings. At a college level, Peachy has taught Foods and Nutrition, Food Safety and Sanitation and other sciences and food related courses. Currently, Peachy is an Academic Instructor of Nutrition at The Art Institute of Ohio-Cincinnati.

Peachy's skill in cooking and recipe development began at an early age and continued on to adulthood.

This passion, combined with her expertise in nutrition makes Peachy's Health Smart Cooking School, the place to learn healthy, easy and delicious cooking. Additionally, Peachy teaches hands on Basic Cooking Skills , for those who feel timid in the kitchen and needing helpful cuisine skills, to begin a healthy eating outlook.

Peachy’s first book MAKING LIFE PEACHY, is a guide to a healthy lifestyle and a cookbook with her own developed recipes.

Peach's second book, Peachy's Health Smart Cooking School Cookbook, 2011, is an expansion of the recipes she has developed and taught at PEACHY'S HEALTH SMART COOKING SCHOOL.

Peachy obtained her BS in Dietetics at Loyola University, Chicago, Ill. She received her Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition at Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, Ill.

Currently, Peachy is a PhD candidate of Health Education & promotion at University of Cincinnati.

Peachy's Health Smart


7400 Montgomery Rd.

Cincinnati, Oh 45236

Hours, by appointment: Email Peachy at [email protected]

or [email protected]