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6- 90 Minute Healthy Cooking Classes for $180

6 Healthy Cooking Classes

Peachy's Smart Video:

"Very helpful and great cooking ideas"

Rhonda Jan 2022

 "Amazing and excellent speaker with humor!"

Annemarie  Jan 2022

"It's not just about cooking and having an enjoyable lunch........we learned some very helpful information on how to avoid health issues and protect ourselves from disease; best class ever!!"

Joyce C. Dec 2016

"I love Peachy's enthusiasm, so very creative, extremely effective teaching" 

Lea T. Nov 2018


Peachy's message to all cooking class attendees:

Peachy fully intends to continue the cooking classes, however, due to our current Covid 19 situation, we will conduct the 90 Minute Cooking Classes in small groups of no more than 10 people at a time, until the gathering restrictions are lifted.

It is understandable if you prefer to attend a class at a later time.

Face masks or shields are optional.

My cell: 513-315-3943 or email address: [email protected] 

Eat right, exercise regularly, take your supplements to keep your immune systems strong.

Stay healthy everyone!!!

Your health is the main focus of our existence therefore Peachy's Health Smart Cooking School was created.

Classes are conducted by Peachy Seiden, MS, RDN, a Dietitian-Nutritionist and Recipe Developer.

Peachy discusses health benefits of the ingredients while preparing 2 delicious, simple and easy meals.

We only use non GMO products and organic produce.

All poultry, beef and eggs used in cooking are antibiotic-free and hormone free.

You will learn cooking techniques as well as gain helpful information from Peachy's Topic of the week. (varies weekly)

While enjoying your lunch, Peachy will answer your health questions.

Please inform the dietitian of any food intolerance or allergies.


We try to add a Tuesday or Thursday evening class, as time allows, when Saturday classes are not available.

Please scroll down below to the Cooking Class Schedule

Our Address: 7400 Montgomery Rd. Cincinnati, Oh 45236

Cost: $ 50 per person, per class

4 Healthy Cooking Classes

To up for the 90 minute Cooking Classes, please include your email address, your desired date and companions and click 'submit.'

You will receive a confirmation in 24-48 hours.


Cancellations: When circumstances arise and you are unable to attend the class, you may let other person(s) or family member take your spot(s).

We will honor cancellations up to 3 days before the scheduled class to allow us to inform attendees that were turned down due to limited seating.

In addition, food is purchased for the exact number of attendees.

Class Recipes will be emailed to you 1-2 days before your scheduled class.

If not received, please text Peachy at 513-315-3943



What's Cooking


March 4, 2023

12-1:30 PM

Chicken Adobo w Sweet Potatoes

Black and Red Fried rice w Cauliflower


March 11, 2023

12-1:30 PM

Vegetarian Chili

BBQ Pulled Chicken Baked Potatoes

Saturday, March 18, 2023

12-1:30 PM

Quinoa Tabbouleh

Grilled Kofta (meat) w Cucumber Yogurt Sauce


April 1, 2023

12-1:30 PM

Vegetarian Pad Thai w Tofu

Tahini Chicken w Roasted Cauliflower


April 8, 2023

12-1:30 PM

Szechuan Hot and Sour Soup

Sweet and Sour Chicken and Vegetables


April 15, 2023

12-!;30 PM

Mapo-tofu (Hot Szechuan Tofu dish)

Health Smart Enchiladas


April 22, 2023

12-1:30 PM

Linguine w Veg Bolognese Sauce

Healthsmart Turkey Meatballs

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10 Healthy Cooking Classes

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